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We often receive questions regarding licensing and contracting procedures and we thought it would be helpful to answer the most-asked questions here for you:

When is the best time to complete and submit contracting to us?

As long as your state is not considered a pre-appointment by the carrier (inquire if you do not know), the best time to submit contracting is at the same time as the application. This will help to avoid any underwriting delays or not getting appointed within the time frame allotted by your state. Even though you might not need to be pre-appointed in your state, some of them have very short time frames to be appointed.

When do I need to get a license for the state I want to write an application in?

Prior to writing the application. This is always true and for every state.

When do I need to take my LTC Continuing Education course?

(If applicable in your state) Prior to writing a LTC application. Most states use the NAIC model for the LTC course and that includes an initial 8 hour course to be taken and then a 4 hour refresher course every two years thereafter. Some states do not use this model though so if you are unsure of your state requirements, please inquire.

How long will the contracting process take?

There is not a general time frame that can be given on how long the contract and appointment process will take because every carrier has their own process and other factors can contribute to the length of time. To help speed the process along, here are some helpful tips.


What are some common issues that can lengthen the contract and appointment process?

1. Any missing information on your contract.

2. Answering “yes” to any background questions or when something comes up in your background check. If you think you might have something to be reviewed by the carrier, it is a good idea to send the contracting before or at the same time as the application (and send the application to our office as soon as it is completed by the client). Some carriers still won’t process your contract until they’ve received your first application even if you have a background issue so sending everything in a timely manner will help.

3. If there is no new business to submit to the carrier. Some will still process a contract even if there is no new business, but it will go to the bottom of the pile. Though, many will not even begin the process until an application is submitted to new business.

4. The process can take longer sometimes if the carrier has more contracts than usual to process.


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