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Standard: TeleApp Adding Text Scheduling

The Standard is adding another easy way for applicants to schedule TeleApp phone interviews. Starting Monday, Aug. 16, their TeleApp vendor will send applicants texts to schedule telephone interviews as well as provide appointment updates. This low-touch, straight-to-the-consumer solution can help speed up the application process.

Here’s How It Works


Applicants who provide mobile numbers will receive a text inviting them to schedule their telephone interview. They’ll also receive the link via email. They’ll schedule their interview just as applicants do now, either on a computer or mobile phone.

Once an appointment is scheduled — either via email or mobile phone — applicants will receive a text confirmation. If the appointment is more than 48 hours in the future, they’ll receive a reminder 24 hours before the appointment. And if the interviewer is behind schedule at the time of the appointment, the applicant will receive a text update.

This streamlined approach will make the process easier for  applicants and increase online scheduling. Pilot participants saw a 25% increase in online scheduling and most applicants who scheduled an interview did so within one day. If you have questions about TeleApp texting, please contact your sales consultant.

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