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The Standard Offers IDI to US Military

The Standard provides income protection coverage to men and women in the United States military. Their coverage provides protection for disabilities not caused by war or military training while on active duty.

Who in the military is eligible to apply for this coverage?
The Standard accepts applications from individuals in the reserves as long as the applicant otherwise qualifies, is not on active duty, and does not have call-up orders, i.e., orders to report for military service.
Also accepted are applications from dental and medical residents and fellows attending civilian ACGME, AOA or CODA-accredited programs who have military pay-back obligations but are not on active duty. Applications from these individuals must be submitted in time for coverage to be approved and a policy issued at least six months prior to graduation.

Who in the military is not eligible to apply for this coverage?
•Military personnel on active duty
•Individuals who have call-up orders
•Medical and dental residents and fellows within six months of graduation from a civilian program who have a military pay-back obligation
•Medical and dental students, residents or fellows who are currently in, or have been accepted into, a military residency in a military hospital

Find more details in this resource, and contact our office for further information.

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