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The Standard Now Offers Platinum Advantage in Florida

On February 26, 2018, The Standard began offering its Platinum Advantage IDI products in the state of Florida.

The new materials below are designed to help understand and sell Platinum Advantage in Florida:

The following materials have also been updated to reflect the Florida policy:

Transitioning to Platinum Advantage

Effective Feb. 26, 2018, new business applications for fully underwritten Platinum Advantage may be submitted for Florida using the new Platinum Advantage application and supplemental forms. Applications for Protector PlatinumSM and Protector EssentialSM may be completed until March 28, 2018, using the current application and supplemental forms, and these must be received in the home office no later than April 28, 2018. For more details, including transition information for policy increases, please view the full transition rules.

For GSI, all new requests for proposals submitted on or after the product’s launch date of Feb. 26, 2018, will be quoted on Platinum Advantage GSI. The final day to submit requote requests for Protector Platinum will be April 30, 2018. All offer letters for Protector Platinum must be signed and returned by May 31, 2018.  Contact Truluma for more details.

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