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Standard Using Human API Speeds Up Applications

Standard is always looking for ways to move processes online and speed up applications. Starting Aug. 5, they’ll be partnering with Human API, a health technology company, to get electronic health records in less time.

As you know, it can take weeks to get medical information using traditional methods. Human API can speed up the process by connecting us to clients’ digital health records in minutes.

To start, Standard will use Human API when an underwriter requests medical records for applications requesting $10,000 or more in monthly benefits. If the applicant doesn’t complete the Human API process within three days, they’ll seek the records using traditional methods. As Standard uses Human API more, they’ll determine how to maximize its use for the quickest turnaround times.

Using Human API can help:

  • Decrease time-to-issue and improve placement rates
  • Reduce back-and-forth conversations with clients
  • Deliver a seamless online application experience

Learn more about what to expect with the Human API Producer Overview

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