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Washington State – Paid Family & Medical Leave

Paid Family and Medical Leave gives Washington employees a way to take paid time off to care for themselves or a family member.

Employees are eligible to take paid leave if:

  • They or a family member experience a “qualifying event.” Qualifying events include serious illnesses or injuries that prevent someone from working, a new baby or child joining a family, and certain military-related events.
  • They have worked enough hours to qualify for paid leave. Nearly every Washington worker can receive paid leave as long as they have worked a minimum of 820 hours (about 16 hours a week) in Washington during the qualifying period, which is about the previous year. The 820 hours can be at one job or combined from multiple jobs.
  • Certain employees are not automatically eligible for paid leave, including federal employees, self-employed people and employees of businesses located on tribal land. Union members who have collective bargaining agreements that haven’t been reopened or renegotiated since October 19, 2017, are not eligible for Paid Family and Medical Leave.

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